is the agricultural and commercial center of the prefecture, famous for its citrus orchards. Unfortunately most of the ancient past is buried under the modern town, but the archaeological museum on the town's impressive main square is worth stopping for. The ancient theater is the most popular tourist attraction in the city and is bigger then the theater at Epidavros. Nearby are the Roman baths and the remains of a first century indoor theater. Above the theater is the site of the ancient acropolis, with fortifications that have been added to by the Byzantines, Franks and the Turks. 


A settlement of great antiquity, Argos has been continuously inhabited for the past 7,000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in Greece and Europe. The city is a member of the Most Ancient European Towns Network. At a strategic location on the fertile plain of Argolis, Argos was a major stronghold during the Mycenaean era. In classical times Argos was a powerful rival of Sparta for dominance over the Peloponnese, but was eventually shunned by other Greek city-states after remaining neutral during the Greco-Persian Wars. Numerous ancient monuments can be found in the city today, the most famous of which is the renowned Heraion of Argos, though agriculture (particularly citrus production) is the mainstay of the local economy.



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Hotel Segas is located 80km southwest from Athens and Athens Airport. It is about 4 km from Corinth Canal and 7km from Corinth.

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