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Segas Hotel is a family-run boutique Greece hotel . Loutraki is a small spa town , to bring you the Greek seaside holiday experience, take you to the full archaeological, cultural and religious heritage sites Bo Luo Ben Nisa half the island . By Segas family run , Segas hotel at reasonable affordable price and authentic Greek hospitality for you to provide excellent, personalized service works . None on your vacation or trip to Greece trader works , we will be your hotel to relax, enjoy the best place to work and live. I have every one, as the guest of my who family 's part . Segas family insurance has to provide personalized service and genuine hospitality of Greece honored tradition .

Segas hotel has 23 rooms single person room, double and triple rooms, can accommodate up to Carolina 44 guests. Hotel rating is two stars, although the hotel has a higher level of facilities and services, but still maintained two-star hotel prices. It offers enough free charge to stop parking . All of the rooms (usually compact) has toilet, toilet and shower are, central heating and air transfer , private balcony, TV , in-room security insurance box, blowing wind machines and direct dial telephone . The entire hotel located have free toll -free line network connected network connection.

Loutraki city located in the Gulf of Corinth, an hour's drive from Athens, Greece, the sea is a beautiful waterfront spa resort. Loutraki city location, set the dry clean waters, pleasant mountain wind light, fir forests and lush vegetation extends to the sea in one. It is suitable for Greece rustic experience, enjoy the sea shore sand beaches and Hugh leisure vacation excursions. City distance Gukelinsi site, Niemi Asian sanctuary , the ancient city of Argos and satisfied Fu Puli area close. In Gerania mountain, you can leisurely stroll, mountain far enough or riding a mountain on their own car . Large and small temple temple and Byzantine style church densely scattered in small towns, including the beautiful Vouliagmeni on the lake Heraion God Temple , and nestled in the hills of St. Patapios monastery.

Loutraki is famous for its natural hot springs of living, called luxuries and rejuvenate the Green Island. Loutraki thermal water spa with natural spring water and natural hot spring water. In Loutraki spring water delivered to the ground in the process, pure spring water pass through the porous layer filtering , full of all kinds of treasure your trace elements, inorganic salts and mineral material quality , treatment and care of the human body is very significant.

Loutraki has Europe's largest, is open daily, 24 -hour casino club, so you can enjoy wandering around in the Magic game . You might want to try your luck, play blackjack, poker, Punta silver line, Texas Hold'em, slot machines, American roulette and other games projects . Loutraki casino club Le Tour part drama hall altogether there are 80 bet tables, 1,000 slot machines, to provide you with the first intake , the most exciting tour play .

Segas is located in the center of the city of Loutraki, Greece Corinth town, in Aghios Ioannis chapel and 3 months 25 days wide field (A Dole Act silver line) of the room . 4 min bell walk from the beach, most of the shops are within walking distance of being. Segas Hotel in Athens southwest 80 kilometers from Athens airport 110 km . Corinth Canal distance of about 4 km to the city of Corinth 7 kilometers. Here is an ideal base camp, you may use this as a base to enjoy the tour browse Bo Luo Ben Nisa peninsula and the city of Athens, with time to enjoy the light pine sea shore vacation. We build propose you to rent car to explore the area , of course, you also can choose to take the long way steam cars, fire trucks or rental car .

I are looking forward to your visit Loutraki Segas hotel !

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Taking advantage of its beautiful natural enviroment,its therapeutical water sources...

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Hotel Segas is located 80km southwest from Athens and Athens Airport. It is about 4 km from Corinth Canal and 7km from Corinth.

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